Yesterday we had a party for my husband’s 35th birthday. The house was ready for our guests. They totally LOVED the bedroom and downstairs. They thought it was very chic. My cousins were very impressed that we got so many cool things at ROSS. Someone mentioned that they thought you were a good designer because you really were able to work with a “humble” budget. You truly have a great eye and wonderful insight into your client’s needs and wants. I can’t wait to work on the rest!

Damaris Saenz, La Verne, CA

When it came time to decorate our new home I was tired of the browns, blues and greens that had filled our previous house. I was stuck and didn’t want to waste money experimenting with new colors. I knew I needed help and that is when I turned to Imagine for some much needed guidance. I told Jami I wanted to paint our interior gray and from there she took my house to another level. She had a great idea to paint the moldings black. This completely transformed my house, it is very chic. The wallpaper and drapes that Jami chose for my dining room are stunning. One of my favorite parts about working with Imagine was going shopping with Jami for tile and stone. This process would have normally overwhelmed me, but with Jami by my side it made the process fun and easy. I highly recommend Imagine Interior Design!

Tina Rodriguez, Upland, CA

We recently moved into a new house and hired Jami to help with a number of decorating projects we wanted to do. She was instrumental in redesigning our kitchen, including picking new countertops, drapes, furniture and tile. The end result was a wonderfully coordinated kitchen that we love. We especially like that she was able to take the things we already have and incorporate those, instead of just trying to start from scratch like so many other designers do. Overall, we’ve been very happy with her services.

Luba Lieber, Riverside, CA

When I moved to the city for the first time in my life my suburban Tuscan-style furniture did not do my new hip space any justice. I sold just about everything and started over. Jami was amazing at helping evolve my style. She selected furniture and accessories I’d never have myself and I now I love it. My modern seaside high rise is exactly what I wanted at the budget I had to work with thanks to Jami’s magic touch. I’d refer her to anyone looking for a big or small design job. She’s very creative, has a clean, modern sense of style that will make your home feel like home. Don’t miss her Imagine design blog it’s full of inspiration.

Melonie Gallegos, San Diego, CA

I just recently moved from a small office with no windows to a large corner office and was clueless about what to do. At first I thought it would be easy filling a large office with cool, stylish and interesting things. Boy was I wrong.  If I had not connected with IMAGINE I would have had 20 Kobe Bryant posters covering every available inch of wall space with a 50 inch computer monitor. Jami met with me at my convenience for a consultation and was patient enough to get the necessary information from me to create my perfect office. The budget for decorating my office was small and you would never know by the finished project. It’s perfect! I am not going to waste time trying to handle design or decorating ever again. I will just contact Jami with IMAGINE and focus on my profession. I would definitely recommend her for any design or decorating job.

Tim Manfro, Covina, CA

Jami is great! She has helped me decorate two very different spaces. The first was a very large 5000 square foot home. It was a massive job and Jami was awesome at  creating a great design that kept within our relatively small budget. The next space was a much smaller apartment home. Her attention to detail made the small space look large and luxurious. She has an amazing sense of style and is great at blending her design concepts to accommodate her clients own personal tastes. Our next project is decorating my new office. She will be helping me choose accessories and furniture. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I definitely recommend her for any design project!

Colleen Tytula, La Verne, CA

Jami made this project very easy for me. She listened to what I had to say as far colors and styles that I liked and suggested some of her own and together the finished project was better then I expected it to be. I loved her 3-D design which let me see the project before it was built, which helped so much. Would I hire her again? For sure! My next project will be my kitchen and great room and she will be hired to do the job.

Jo Ann Douglass, Glendora, CA

Thank you Jami, I can’t believe I am living in the same house. You have taken the 1960 color palette and stye and turned it into beautiful and charming. I love your bold sense of color; you are truly fearless! I feel like I have a new house! It has finally come together with Jami’s magic touch.

Cheryl Kennick, Monrovia, CA