starting at $1250 per room

Perfect for people who:

• Want an entire remodel or overhaul of their current space
• Have just moved into a new home and don’t know where to start
• Need to furnish and decorate an entire room from start to finish
• Don’t have time to coordinate their project
• Would like a designer to create a concept, design a layout and select finishes and furnishings for their space
• Want a designer to create a vision and design plan
• Who want that “designer look” without having to give a lot of input

starting at $150, minimum 2 hours

Perfect for people who:

• Have a good grasp on their project, but need a professional opinion for confirmation
• Would like to pick out new paint colors for their room or rooms
• Need a designer to go shopping with them to pick out that perfect sofa/table/rug/etc…
• Would like a new look using items they already own
• Need help filling in their room with those finishing touches like accessories and artwork
• Will be doing all the legwork, hiring and managing contractors, ordering furniture and dealing with all the logistics and trouble shooting as needed
• Is afraid to commit to a large purchase without a second opinion or can’t easily decide what they want
• Needs me to come by your home while your contractor is there to help answer any questions
• Has a strong sense of their personal style

Don’t see yourself anywhere on the list? Stay calm! Contact me and we’ll figure out how I can help you best. It may be some negotiated combination of the above.


Each process will vary, but every project starts out with an initial 1 hour consultation. During this time, I meet you at the site and I will learn your likes, dislikes, general ideas and goals for your space. This is the time to show me your Pinterest boards, inspiration images, magazine clippings and any finish samples you’ve collected.

If you live outside the 15 mile radius of La Verne, please contact me for my extended service area rates.